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Thank you for your interest in Bossville Farms! To be eligible for our giveaway prizes, including tickets to our 4/20 planting party in 2025, apparel, and exclusive Bossville products, please fill out the form below and follow us on all social media pages @BossvilleFarms_. By signing up, you will also receive our newsletter with updates on upcoming events, sales, and more. The winners will be announced on our social media pages, so make sure to follow us to stay updated!

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From Seed to Success: The Art of Hemp Farming
From Seed to Success: The Art of Hemp Farming
Join us for an enlightening and comprehensive session on the multifaceted world of hemp farming, presented by Derick Muhammad, CEO of Bossville Farms. This meeting will delve into the intricate processes and immense potential of hemp, focusing on two key areas: hemp for fiber production and CBD
Zoom Session (online)
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