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Bossville Farm's staff readies the field to plant new hemp seedlings with tractor.

Welcome to Bossville Farms
Who are we?
Bossville Farms is a family run
hemp farm based out of
South Carolina.

Follow us on our journey as we build a legacy and spread information about hemp and agriculture.

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Bossville Farms began hemp operations in 2020 with the goal of introducing the thousands of uses for hemp to a new generation. With over 80 plus acres of farmland, Bossville grows industrial hemp as well as hemp used for CBD products.

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About us
Our Partners

Meet the team


Derick Hopkins Muhammad

Farm Advisor and Operations

 Thomas "Coach" Dawkins 
Sales/Broker/Farm Operations

K. Jabril Hopkins
VP of Marketing and Advertising

Tammekka Muhammad 

Community Outreach/ Sales

Delia Hopkins

Accounting and Finance Manager

Byron Johnson

Our Partners

Clemson University (Fiber Trial)


Industrial Hemp Farming  

2021 Clemson Hemp Research Initiative :

Best Practices & Results


As part of the global battle against climate change, Industrial Hemp has proven to be a key component of many decarbonization strategies.


Did you know that Hemp can capture atmospheric carbon twice as effectively as forests while providing carbon-negative biomaterials for renewable energy generation, architectural building materials, and waste stream plastic mitigation?


Support this effort to educate local and minority farmers - GET YOUR TICKETS and/or DONATE TODAY


As part of Bossville Farms’ annual planting education party, this year we will be sharing the findings and best practices from our collaborative work with Clemson University on the 2021 Clemson Hemp Research Initiative. This research explored:

  • Low Tech Tissue Culture Technology

  • Greenhouse Propagation Techniques

  • Hormone Treatments for THC manipulation

  • Root morphology of direct seeded vs. cloned plants

  • Efficiency of hemp bio-fuels

  • Hemp fiber Specialty wear Effect of organic soil amendments on CBD production

Hemp Fiber and Grain Variety Trial

14 grain and fiber varieties

2 Research Stations; 4 farms (South Carolina)

Multiple tribal partners on various Tribal Nations (Nationwide)

Bossville Farms is dedicated to learning, researching and sharing the versatile uses of Hemp.


clemson fiber trials.jpeg
Industrial Hemp - Research

We take pride in providing high quality products and educating our community on the great uses of hemp.

Industrial Hemp Fiber and Innovation

Hemp Fibers can be used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, insulation, and more.​ Agronomic Hemp is marketed for grain, long strong fibers and biomass. It can grown between 3 to 18 feet tall.

The hemp stalks can take 60-100 days to harvest. 

Bossville currently has 80 plus acres of land and is currently using a percentage to grow hemp for industrial use.

For more information on Bossville Farms or Industrial hemp please contact us at 



Phone : 1 (803) 893-3444